Exciting week!

It's been an exciting week for Teach. I met with a woman last weekend to discuss our screen printing and block printing workshops and to generally introduce her to the idea of Teach. She was super psyched and we are taking the week to brainstorm ideas for how she would want her classes structured. 

Then, last night! I went to see a potential classroom space in NE Minneapolis! Indie Business Central is an up-and-coming (like us!) business with a focus on supporting and growing the small- and micro-business community. One of the co-owners Heidi made the time to meet with me and she is so passionate about her vision for the space and how they want to grow it. 

There are a few details still to work out (like whether to invest in portable tables) in order to use the space but I think we will have a few events there over the coming months. Overall, a great visit and so exciting to see other businesses working it out.