How do you follow your heart?

It wasn’t all that long ago that I realized my wardrobe has become a sea of black, knit, minimalist things. I started slipping toward all-black all-the-time telling myself it was easy, chic. That it was slimming. That it would make dressing for work streamlined and classy. I was wrong, though.

When I really looked at myself and my closet I had to admit that I was buying whatever fit and was black. It wasn’t chic or fashionable. I was giving up, hiding. I would take an enormous pile of things into the dressing room and have to shore up my self-esteem to see my body in the three-way mirror, see how badly things fit and how different the shape of my body was from the garments available to me.

I’ve known how to sew for a long time. At a whopping 4’11” I need to hem or tailor most anything I might buy, anyway. Sewing was as much a life skill as a hobby. I wasn’t happy with the way things were going at work or with my body and I needed a change. So I changed my clothes. I started sewing up circle skirts and peasant blouses. I adopted 40’s and 50’s silhouettes knowing we could embrace each other. I started out wanting to make things that would look good and feel good and not be complicated or uncomfortable.

I started making dresses and falling in love with novelty prints. I started getting comments and compliments when I left the house. I felt amazing. My body wasn’t wrong, my mind was soothed by hours spent cutting, pinning and stitching. I started getting asked if I make my dresses for other people? Still I wanted something more.

I love teaching. I feel like my whole, best self when I am helping someone learn. Whether it’s sharing a new skill, opening up eyes and minds and hearts to new and inspiring ideas or even just tweaking and reinforcing old skills my heart races and my whole being lights up. I wanted to teach other folks how to do the things for themselves that made me so happy. Being self-sufficient is so rewarding and fulfilling. I want to give those skills to other folks and enable them to be rock stars in their own lives.

That’s why I started Teach. I wear my heart on my sleeve and tote my soap box of joy around and get to feel my best while helping other folks get to their best, too.

Funny how a little clothing can change your life.