You know how lots of parents have weird nicknames for their kids? You probably have one. And you didn't think it was weird until you got old, it's just what your parents called you. I'm Peach Pit. Also, Burger Bits. So when diving my blog personality and namesake it was no big stretch to Vintage Peachpit.

Born and bred on the East Coast I now dwell in the ever climatically-challenged Minneapolis, MN. I met my Dude here and his kiddo, the delightfully nicknamed Schnickle Pickle. We live a life of wine, sewing, super heroes, bacon breakfasts and hard-won weekend naps.

I love sewing. My mama taught me on the same machine she made my baby clothes on. I aspire to do things as well as she does. Some say Jack of All Trades, Master of None... This not does not apply to my mama. Everything she turns her hand to is beautiful, well-crafted and made and I want nothing more than to inspire the same.

I split my paycheck-earning time between working in the textile industry and teaching at the University of Minnesota. You'll hear a little about a lot in my blog.

Feel free to stalk... er, follow me on Instagram (VintagePeachPit) and Facebook (Sarah Sheber), too.

Credit for my blog background goes to: Am de las Heras on Behance