Is it truly awesome? And other vocabulary abuses.

I am a frequent user and abuser of the word "awesome". I try to inject more diversity into my daily vocabulary but I find that in my less conscientious moments I default to overuse of "awesome" to express excitement and satisfaction. I am a hypocrite.

*bespoke* will be at Fair Indie this weekend!
Oh, but you can! I dislike to overuse of words when the overuse depletes the power and meaning of a word. When a friend or coworker asks a question and I am able to give an answer? "Thanks! Awesome!" Although I appreciate the vigor of the response I doubt much of what I do on a day to day basis or what I know is truly awesome.

Things that are truly awe-some:
-taking in the view from the rim of the Grand Canyon
-my last mountain-top sunrise when I lived in Lesotho
-hearing my boyfriend's daughter speak about her body without shame, guilt or fear

Things that rock, are very exciting, make me smile:
-delicious food
-waking up next to my dude every morning
-seeing dude's daughter accomplish a new skill or take a new risk

Here is a promise to myself to keep invigorating my linguistic skills and the depth of my vocabulary. Join me!