little starbursts.

I'm torn between sharing frustrations about work and sharing some of the bizarre highlights of what has become my life of late. So, perhaps a little of both. Work: There are a bunch of pregnant ladies at work right now and I have been flipping out about what will happen when they all go out on maternity leave at THE SAME TIME! We are already down some folks on our team and the idea makes my tummy flip.

Outside of work: I started teaching at a local university. I kind of can't believe it. I got out of class the first night and texted my Dude with, "I just taught COLLEGE!!!" I floated home in a warm, happy bubble. Last night was our 2nd class and I started getting the anxious tickles, the kind that make me feel like I screwed up. There is a woman in my class who makes me feel like she is mad all the time. Almost every contribution she has made in class had made me wonder if she is mad at me. 2 classes are not enough to be able to tell. Seriously, I am teaching a college class. I know that parts of it will make me flip out with self-imposed expectations (every time I percieve I've made a mistake, for instance). And other parts will make me insanely tickled. Overall, it's SO MUCH WORK! And so far, the thrill is the strongest part.