Here I am, pinching the cheek of the one who made me.

Here I am, pinching the cheek of the one who made me.

A little background

My mom taught me how to sew mostly by osmosis. I remember getting my first sewing kit for Christmas as a little kid and the thrill of the special box filled with little things that each had a job. I wasn’t ready to start sewing then but I knew it was there for me. I watched my mom make clothes and things for our home. When I was ready to learn to use a sewing machine it was the same one that my mom made my baby clothes on. These days I wear an almost entirely me-made wardrobe. Sewing has become my yoga, my moment of zen.

I am a maker, in my career and in my personal life. As a furniture maker I loved the physical requirements of making, the rules and rigors of making something that supports, functions and lasts for years. As a fabric engineer I thrill at the chance to bring great design to folks in big cities and small; the power to be a force for good in an industry ripe with need to change the way we've been making and buying goods for decades. As an educator I thrive when giving others the great gifts that teachers have given me: how to think, how to see, how to make. In college I remember someone telling me that in college you learn less about how to do and more about how to think. I was so offended! That exchange and the truth of the statement have stuck with me, though. It is my great joy to help others through the struggle of learning; I love being there when I help a student get it that first time, when they learn to push past the first ideas, the first mistakes and see what can happen if they let go. 

Please enjoy my site, follow me on Instagram and Facebook (@sarahjanemakesthings) and reach out with thoughts and questions. Let's make things together!