Here I am, pinching the cheek of the one who made me.

Here I am, pinching the cheek of the one who made me.

A little background

My mom taught me how to sew mostly by osmosis. I remember getting my first sewing kit for Christmas as a little kid and the thrill of the special box filled with little things that each had a job. I wasn’t ready to start sewing then but I knew it was there for me. I watched my mom make clothes and things for our home. When I was ready to learn to use a sewing machine it was the same one that my mom made my baby clothes on. These days I wear an almost entirely me-made wardrobe. Sewing has become my yoga, my moment of zen.

I've worked creatively in furniture, apparel and education. As a furniture maker I love the physical challenges of making, of creating objects that last and demand excellence; no one wants their chair to drop them on the floor.

As a fabric engineer for mass retail I experience of the thrill of bringing great product to people across the country, of being able to share design over great distance. I know that making clean, sustainable, thoughtful decisions in development mean big impacts for our industry, economy and our planet. 

As an educator I thrill at being able to give others the great gifts that teachers have given me: how to think, how to see, how to make. In college I remember someone telling me that in college you learn less about how to do and more about how to think. I also remember being offended by that idea. That exchange and the truth of the statement have stuck with me. I love being there when I help a student get it that first time, when they learn to push past the first ideas, the first mistakes and see what can happen if they let go.