Here I am, pinching the cheek of the one who made me.

Here I am, pinching the cheek of the one who made me.

A little background


I can hardly think of sewing without becoming nostalgic. It all comes back to my mom, wanting to know all the things she knows, do all the things she knows how to do. Every object she cared for or made was better for her touch. I remember thinking that she knew everything, in the best way. I wanted to be able to do that, too. She made being smart, knowledgeable and fastidious the bar by which I set my life goals. Learn to do something new, learn it well, build on it. She taught me to sew on the same machine she’d made my baby clothes on.

Making my own clothes is more than self-expression, it’s helped me accept and love my body, it’s a connecting point between me and the world. Teaching others these skills gives them something tangible they can use all their life. I love that. Real skills for real life. Sharing what I have learned with others helps me grow. I love seeing the way people learn, how their minds work and a glimpse of how they see the world.

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